Experimental Drugs

An experimental drug is a medicinal product (a drug or vaccine) that has not yet received approval from governmental regulatory authorities for routine use in human or veterinary medicine. A medicinal product may be approved for use in one disease or condition but still be considered experimental for other diseases or conditions.

FriSo: Best AIDS & Cancer treatment known to date

This compound is ideal against fungus and viral diseases. The compound is a clear crystal; sterile water-based and oxygen-enriched solution. FriSo does not involve any chemical ingredients in its composition. It is made up of at least 30 different herbs and it is 100% natural.

SlanGenum is a new product to maximize the immune system and fight different infectious diseases (better than antibiotics) with no known side effects. It’s a very good effective product and  safe to use.

This is a good product for someone who is very ill and need a kick up to recover quickly, from flu, infections, diarhea, etc. SlanGenum has a lot of potential in treating any infection instead of antibiotics.

BlastX is an experimental drug, it is an oil based herbal solution with oleuropein extracted from olive leaves. This oil solution is extreemly oxygen-enriched. It’s molecules are surrounded with Oxygen that will be released in the body after injecting, destroying fungal infections, neutralizing chemicals, drugs, pharmaceuticals, hormones and parasites in the body system.

SupRx 10ml Injection is a new Research product designed to be an all in one (pre-workout, pre-race, pre-competition) formula designed to increase performance.

SupRx Injection increases endurance & stamina. It will reduce & prevent the production of lactic acid in the muscles. The combination of all those products inside one vial makes it a very potent formula to increase the needed energy.