OzoCaps, Ozonated Olive Oil capsules

OzoCaps are a First Class Ozonated Olive Oil capsules
400mg/cap, 30 capsules, #45
Quality Private Production made with passion since 2013

Ozone Catch Free Radicals and neutralize it. Ozone eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi. Ozonated Olive Oil brings “ACTIVE” Oxygene to injured cells, “regenerates” their metabolism. Researchers used it for intestinal cancer treatments, Digestive system.

Ozonized Olive Oil has been ozonated in a Costly Special Process over weeks (0,900 ozone kg/litre) and 4-times culminated. The Strong Natural-oil capsules are very easy to swallow.

All information about application and effect is based upon own experiences, patients and customers feedback.


OzoCaps is a supplement, an oil based herbal solution with Oleuropein extracted from olive leaves. This oil solution is extreemly oxygen-enriched. It’s molecules are surrounded with Oxygen that will be released in the body after injecting, swallowing, rubbing, etc. destroying fungal infections, neutralizing chemicals, drugs, pharmaceuticals, synthetic hormones and parasites in the body system. This is a very safe product that can be administered orally, 1-3 times/daily helping with the following conditions:

  • Viral diseases.
  • Cleansing intestines.
  • AIDS & Cancer treatment.
  • Liver & body detoxification.
  • Improving the immune system.
  • Diabetes, High levels of cholesterol.

Stored in dark and cool place (4° Celsius).

OzoCaps does not contain harmful chemicals, yet it is very effective without any known side effects.

This article is a Carefully Cultivated Natural Product, not a drug in the conventional sense. Healing promises are expressly not given for legal reasons.

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