It is determined that the adequate oxygen uptake is important to balance the whole functioning of the organism. Actually, breathing is the thing that we can not stop doing for a long time if we need to stay alive; few minutes without air and we pass away. Besides, the quality of the air and the amount of the oxygen we breath are determining. Thus, OxyPowr comes to improve the volume of oxygen that circulates in our veins and therefore better our existence. The miraculous effects of this mouth spry product go beyond the fresh breath.

What is OxyPower?

OxyPower is a new product that is supposed to enhance the oxygen uptake and the blood oxygen simply by the effects of the mixture of definite herbal extracts. Based on some antioxidant included in the herbal extracts, this compound is a great way t boost the energetic metabolism. The results are an enhanced performance in sports and a really tough immune system.

How does OxyPower work?

The process is not that complicated; the OxyPower mouth spray liberates the components which contribute to cleansing and detoxifying the respiratory tract and especially the lungs. The components generate their effects when inhaled and this helps to detoxify the noise, the ears, and the mouth. Already, these are the frontlines of the immune system.

Besides, the fraction that goes to the stomach is transferred to the circulation and then, it enhances the blood pressure and the cell affinity to the oxygen. The elements are then integrated into the cells where they ameliorate the oxygen uptake at this level.

Use, side effects and precautions

The spray bottle is of 10 ml; the product is sprayed in the mouth and inhaled. It is better to conserve the bottle in a dark environment at ambient temperature. The OxyPower formula is made up of herbal extracts and it is 100% natural. There are no side effects to expect.

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