Keelpyn for Strong immune system.

The mouth is considered an important organ that it is important to protect against diseases and to relieve fast in case of infections. In fact, the mouth is the entrance of the digestive tract and it is connected to the respiratory tract; it is connected to the ear and the auditory system and the olfactory system as well. Any infection that strikes the teeth, the respiratory tract or the or any other part of the mouth has to be relieved quickly to ensure better functioning.

What is Keelpyn?

Keelpyn is a compound that is intended to substitute anti-inflammatory supplements. The unique formula of this compound, mainly made up of herbal extracts and some natural ingredients, is all antioxidant. The product is first designed to treat tonsillitis and tonsil infections, yet the benefits extend to relieve several other ailments. Keelpyn is a mouth spray that acts directly on the targeted areas of the mouth and the throat. Keelpyn is extremely effective against throat inflammations and viruses.

The ingredients of Keelpyn:

The product is a compound made up of natural ingredients. Each of them is known to have positive effects on certain aspects of the human metabolic complex, resulting in the amplified immune reaction with a targeted action focused on the tonsil, the throat and the buccal cavity (ulcers).

The ingredients are:

  1. Herbal solution: the herbal solution is likely to be the primary supply of the phenolic components, known as antioxidants. Some of them are powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory factors. In this herbal solution, we can find extracts of lemon water, mint water, rose water, corn silk, stevia, gingerol,  curcumin, hibiscus, chamomile and is alcohol free.
  2. Honey: honey is known for being a powerful energizer by supplying the organism in noncarbohydrate The antiseptic role of the honey gives it an antibacterial effect.
  3. Citric acid: this component is used as acidulant. The powerful cleansing effects are useful in order to help the organism to get rid of the infected tissues.
  4. Stabilised oxygenated water with buffers and electrolytes: this component has a powerful antiseptic role which adds its effects to the antiseptic role of the honey.
What is Stabilised Oxygenated water?

Stabilised oxygenated water is a non-technical term referring to a water solution loaded with extra oxygen atoms which are stabilised with buffers and electrolytes so that the product can be bottled without the oxygen being released before it is sprayed. Offering a stable environment for the oxygen.

Keelpyn applications:

Keelpyn is sprayed directly on the infected area of the tonsil, the throat or on the ulcered region of the buccal cavity. The volume is set with the spraying pump and then pressed as many times as prescribed by the physician. Of course, every age range has a particular number of sprays and frequency of use/per day.

Children younger than six years: 1 spray for every 8 kg of body weight; 2 – 6 times a day.

6- 12 years: 2 sprays at the pace of 2- 6 times a day.

Adult: 2- 4 sprays at the pace of 2 -6 times a day.

Spraying is performed every 1-3 hours.

Side effects of Keelpyn:

At prescribed dosage, Keelpyn has no side effects at all. The risks of overdose are still to prove. By contact with eyes wash it with water. It is recommended to ask for advice before using Keelpyn while you are on other drug. Besides, it is safe for pregnant and lactating women but they are urged to ask for professional advice first.

Eventual tingling is to be noticed; these are related to the action of the medicine and they are not some adverse effects.

Oral Hygiene and Antibacterial, 100% Natural and Alcohol-free

1 bottle, 10 ml, #25

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