Zallou3, the Erectile Dysfunction killer.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a critical issue for men and subsequently for conjugal life. In fact, the man performance in bed is one parameter that ensures the durability of the marriage along with strengthening the bonds between the two partners. With the ED, the male subject loses self-confidence and the couple is doomed. Zallou3 is the new product that has shown very promising results. It is supposed to heal the relieve the ED symptoms and recover a healthy sexual life.  With an erection that lasts longer, happiness is brought back to the couple and the bonds are reinforced.

Talking about Erectile Dysfunction:

The erectile dysfunction (ED) is the fact of being unable to maintain an efficient erection. Actually, this situation describes the malfunction of the penis due to a low blood pressure within the tissues. The ED can be caused by physiological factors or/and psychological factors. Generally, it is due to a lack of Testosterone.

What is Zallou3?

Zallou3 is the new remedy for the male nightmare. In fact, this new compound brings the ultimate solution for the men suffering from ED. It is a full natural compound and made according to traditional recipes. The results of being on Zallou3 are immediate and durable.

Besides, its libido-boosting effect ( Zallou3 has an aphrodisiac effect), it contributes to regulating blood pressure and enhances the energy metabolism.

Ingredients of Zallou3:

Zallou3 formula includes the herbal extracts of the plant Ferula hermonis, an eastern plant, and pollen extracts. In fact, the concentrated extracts of the root of Ferula are proven to boost the libido and increase the sexual activity. These constatations were first reported on male goats feeding on this plant at 2000 feet above the sea, in the middle eastern countries. Indeed, the plant is known as the Lebanese Viagra. The pollen extracts are well-known to have aphrodisiac and nutritive effects. They boost the Testosterone production.

Besides, they may contribute to the energetic metabolism by mobilizing the fat and protein metabolism, and they may be good supplements for workout sessions.

The roots of the plant Ferula hermonis
Effects of Zallou3:

Zallou3 enhance the libido and the blood circulation through the vessels. Therefore, it is supposed to help to maintain the erected state of the penis for longer (the effect can last for 3 hours).

Side effects of Zallou3:

Compared to the other aphrodisiac product already on the market, Zallou3 has no major side effects. In other words, this supplement can be taken without having headaches or red eyes.

Use and recommendations:

One or two capsules of the supplement are enough for three hours of high performance and good intimate relationships. The supplement can be administrated orally.

  • The bottle contains 18 capsules #50
  • The bottle contains 12 capsules #40
  • 10ml liquid form (Drops) #40.
  • The bottle contains 2 capsules #10

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