SlanGenum to recover quickly, from flu, infections, diarhea. Better than antibiotics.

SlanGenum is a new product to maximize the immune system and fight different kinds of infection diseases (better than antibiotics) with no known side effects.

– Stimulates the body’s own defenses & immune system vigorously.
– Suppresses an upcomings possible inflammation.
– Contributes to reducing antibiotic use.

A subcutaneous injection (under the skin). This product is made from the old fashion and almost forgotten ingredient (Snake Venum) that is very dissolved & diliuted.

The Amazone inhabitants are still using venums for there baby’s, to make them immune to snake and scorpion bites. We are doing the same.

It’s a very effective product and safe to use.

SlanGenum causes an increase in the production of white blood cells (lymphocytes) and an increase in the activity of the “viruses and parasites eating cells”.

A possible inflammation is quickly inhibited by the white blood cells and cleared away by the“eating cells” This activates the self-healing process of the body.

Note: when applying SlanGenum at the same time the dead cells of the inflammation are cleaned up. Treatment takes at least one week.

This is a good product for someone who is very ill and need a kick up to recover quickly, from flu, infections, diarhea, etc. SlanGenum has a lot of potential in treating any infection instead of antibiotics.

We offer it for lab research only.

Composition per 100 g:
Lachesis mutus D 8 33 g,
Pyrogenium-Nosode D 15 (HAB, V.44) 33 g,
Argentum metallicum D 30 33 g,
Preserved with 20% (m / m) Ethanol.

Suitable for young & adults.

Indications SlanGenum is used in acute disease processes that are associated with inflammation and fever (flu, diarrhea, etc.), for example in inflamed wounds.

No Contraindications or side effects are known with this experimental drug.

Administration & Dosage:
Adults: 1 ml subcutaneous injection.
: 4 drops for oral use.

Note: Young persons are given relatively less. The treatment can be repeated after 5-10 hours.

Storage conditions:
Do not store above 25 ° C. Protect from frost.

Slightly stable after opening.

Packaging Bottle 10 ml (including dosing droplet and syringe and 2 needles).

We accepts no liability for reduced operation or any damage resulting from incorrect application of this product.

  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • We offer it for lab research only.

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