FriSo: Best AIDS & Cancer treatment known to date.

The experimental drug FriSo is a particular compound that is expected to rank well among the products of the alternative medicine. In fact, the number of diseases and ailments experimentally treated by this miraculous mixture is interesting and the results are impressive. With the particular recipe and an easy application routine, FriSo is supposed to dominate the anti-fungus and anti-viral known until today. Besides, this compound has great effects on muscles and can prove itself as nutritional and workout supplement. Due to the natural ingredients included in the FriSo composition,  it is expected to have minor, otherwise no side effects at all. This compound still has some secrets to reveal.

Introducing FriSo:

Friso is an experimental drug, at the laboratory level and we offer it to the public. The laboratory tests have shown that the compound is ideal against fungus and viral diseases. The compound is a clear crystal; sterile water-based and oxygen-enriched solution.

Besides, FriSo does not involve any chemical ingredients in its composition. It is a liquid solution of stabilised oxygenated water with buffers and electrolytes. Made up of at least 30 different herbs and it is 100% natural. Therefore, no harms are expected during its application. The fact is, this experimental drug can be categorized as a natural medicine or even an alternative medicine. The FriSo experimental drug has a set of important features that allow it to rank well as a workout supplement as well.

What is Stabilised Oxygenated water?

Stabilised oxygenated water is a non-technical term referring to a water solution containing extra oxygen atoms which are stabilised with buffers so that the product can be bottled without the oxygen being released before it is injected. Offering a stable environment for the oxygen.

FriSo as a Drug:

FriSo is first designed as a drug. It targets, mainly the fungus and viral diseases. The maximum effect was noticed when this experimental drug was applied to patients with Lyme disease caused by Borrelia (Bacteria). The action is indirect because the FriSo improves dramatically the immune system and helps the body fighting the bacteria. Moreover, improving the immune system is a good way to help the body getting rid of many parasites that may nest within a weakly-immuned organism.

Besides, the FriSo composition, which includes a high proportion of oxygen, helps to relieve the oxygen deficiency and the anoxic brain damages. This could be very helpful when the patient is suffocating and expresses difficulties breathing. The overall composition works together in order to cleanse and detoxify the body, mainly the liver, the intestines, and the kidneys as well as contributing to the skin rejuvenation process.

In sum, the FriSo compound could be used as a drug to relieve the following ailments:

  1. Skin fungal infections.
  2. Unbalanced blood pressure.
  3. Unhealthy blood circulation.

The most pertinent discovery is that the FriSo experimental drug has shown potential action anti-cancers and anti-HIV.

FriSo as a Workout supplement:

The herbal origins of the FriSo ingredients mixture support an important amount of proteins and hormone precursors that are beneficial for relieving muscles during and after workout sessions. The main effects are:

  1. Nourishing muscles.
  2. Energizing muscles especially for athletes.
  3. Enhancing endurance.

The blood pressure enhancement, as well as the oxygenation, are factors that would improve the athlete performances during exercises and training.

How to use FriSo?

FriSo is administered intravenously by mixing 5ml with 1 liter of saline solution. The operation is done as a cycle for 1 to 2 weeks, 2 or 3 times a week. The cycle may be repeted after few weeks if needed.

FriSo side-effects:

The FriSo is made up with exclusively natural ingredients; the formula doesn’t involve chemical compounds, not even any stabilizers. The product is, therefore, safe to use and has no known side-effects, at least at laboratory levels. However, for people who have expressed some allergies versus some ingredients included in the recipe are urged to get the advice of their physician.

  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • We offer it for lab research only.

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